1. Isla Nublar is located off the coast of what country? Costa Rica
  2. When was the first movie in the franchise, "Jurassic Park," released? 1993
  3. Who were Zach and Gray going to see at the theme park? Aunt Claire
  4. What did they extract dinosaur DNA from? Mosquitoes
  5. What's Owen's job at the park? Velociraptor trainer
  6. Which of Owen's raptors survived? Blue
  7. What does "Indominus rex" mean? Untameable King
  8. "Jurassic Park" is based on a book by which author? Michael Crichton
  9. Who is the owner of Jurassic World? Simon Masrani
  10. Who is Maisie Lockwood a clone of? Charlotte Lockwood
  11. Who steals dinosaur embryos for a rival corporation? Dennis Nedry
  12. What prevents the Jurassic Park dinosaurs from reproducing? They're all female
  13. What area does Dr. Ian Malcolm specialize in? Chaos Theory
  14. What company is responsible for dinosaur cloning? InGen
  15. What DNA is used to fill in missing dinosaur genomes? Frog DNA
  16. Who is the park's original founder? John Hammond
  17. Vic Hoskins, head of Jurassic World security, wants to... Weaponize dinosaurs
  18. Which of these is not a name of Owen's raptors? Doe, Blue, Charlie, Delta
  19. What is on display at Jurassic Park? Cloned dinosaurs
  20. How many years after Jurassic Park did Jurassic World open? 22 years
Jurassic World Dominion / Universal Pictures

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