With everything in a constant state of change around us, one thing that is certain to be different this year is Valentine’s Day. So why not find unique ways to spread the love with others? We have some fun ways to spread the love with friends and family, and that special someone that you may not be able to be physically present with in 2021.

1. Send a gift package 🎁

Who doesn’t love going to the mailbox, expecting to receive a bunch of bills, and seeing a surprise package waiting for them? You can go as simple or creative as you want here. Maybe a simple love letter or a card to that special someone. Perhaps a gift card from their favourite beauty and healthcare brand makes sure that they pamper themselves amidst a lockdown. Or maybe you buy their favourite chocolates and snacks, and package them up to send them off. Either way, your thoughtfulness and kindness will go a long way to making sure they know how much you care about them.

2. Put on your virtual party hat 🥳

Who doesn’t love having a party? Maybe you and your single friends lament Valentine’s Day? Or everyone wants to have a party, but we all know that isn’t a possibility right now. Get everyone together on your favourite video-sharing service, but connect it to your TV so that you’re not hunched over a small for more hours than you already are for work. Set the scene with some fun decorations, order some food, and have a great get together while staying apart!

3. CrowdParty Valentine’s Day Featured Room 💝

Of course we have some fun to inject into it all as well! While you’ve got that virtual party hat on, toss up a game of our latest featured room! With four different game modes all built into one seamless game, everyone will be laughing and having fun this Valentine’s Day! Do you know the origins of the day of love? Find out in our Trivia mode! Charades offer a fun way to get up and moving, while Would You Rather questions has you pondering life’s tough questions. Our latest creation With-Draw is also a part of the fun; it’s an all-new drawing and guessing game that has everyone joining in!

Hopefully these few simple but creative ideas are going to liven up your Valentine’s Day and keep you further connected to your colleagues, friends, family, and loved ones!

And this is just the start of what’s to come. We’ve got incredible content planned for plenty of holidays and special events throughout the year, and can’t wait to show you what new and exciting games we’re working on, too!

Because if you have to be on a video conference call with a crowd, it may as well be a party!

Join the fun at CrowdParty.app! 🎉