1. Canada (as a country) was founded in...1867
  2. What was the previous name of the Toronto Raptors? Toronto Huskies
  3. Cirque du Soleil was founded in Quebec. True
  4. Did you know that Drake voiced a character in an animated film? Which film? Ice Age: Continental Drift
  5. Before he was known as The Weeknd, Canadian singer Abel used which alias? Kin Kane
  6. How many points does a maple leaf have on the Canadian Flag? 11
  7. Which sport is NOT one of Canada's national sports? Soccer, Lacrosse, or Hockey
  8. This iconic Toronto spot became an award-winning sitcom. Kim's Convenience
  9. The CNE was originally known as... Toronto Industrial Exhibition
  10. Which comic series was set in Toronto and was later adapted into a movie starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Scott Pilgrim vs the World
  11. “Get in loser, we’re going shopping!” Rachel McAdams is an alumnus of which university? York University
  12. How many time zones does Canada have? 6
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13. How much of the world's maple syrup supply comes from Canada? 80-85%

14. Which is the only officially bilingual province in Canada? New Brunswick

15. What year was the toonie introduced? 1996

16. Which of the following was invented in Ontario? Kraft Dinner, Hawaiian Pizza, or Poutine

17. Which candy/chocolates become contrabands once they cross the border into the United States from Canada? Kinder Surprise

18. How many cups of coffee does Tim Hortons approximately serve each year? 2 billion

19. Reindeers cause more than 200 car accidents in Canada each year. True

20. Canadians eat the most donuts in the world. True

21. How many Olympics has Canada hosted? 3

22. Which of the following is NOT a Canadian brand? Lululemon, Aritzia, or Reebok

23. Basketball was invented by Canadians. True

24. Which American sitcom features a Canadian MAIN character? How I Met Your Mother

25. What is the animal on the Canadian quarter? Caribou

26. Beavers are the largest rodent. False

27. The TTC is North America's __ largest transit network. 2nd

28. Which Canadian city is the world's largest fiddle located? Sydney

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Find more Canadian themed party games in our newly updated Canada Day Party!

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