We're excited to announce our collaboration with WFHomie!

WFHomie is a fellow Toronto-based start-up that specializes in being an all-in-one remote culture tool that will keep your remote and hybrid teams connected, appreciated, and engaged! WFHomie is your go-to tool for carefully curated virtual events, remote team-building activities, swag bags, and event kits. Get rid of the extra planning and let WFHomie help automate your next team event.

We are partnering to provide WFHomie clients with host-less, team-building activities powered by CrowdParty. You can find all our latest games like Friendly Fire, With-Draw, Trivia, and many more on your organization's WFHomie dashboard! Not only will you find different game modes, but you'll also have access to our most popular themed rooms and seasonal featured content like Marvel Party Room, Summer Madness, 2021 Rewind Party, and more. WFHomie has all your engaging team icebreakers, employee analytic tools, and remote team event planning all wrapped up in one place!

Join companies like Google, Meta, RBC, and TD Bank in bringing WFHomie into your company!

WFHomie's Story
We’re fighting fatigue and helping teams build meaningful relationships to stay happy, healthy, productive, and engaged.

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