1. Would you rather Spend Valentine's Day with plenty of friends or Spend Valentine's Day with one special person
2. Would you rather Have a giant teddy bear sent to your office or Have a barbershop quartet show up at your home and start singing loudly
3. Would you rather Vacation or Staycation
4. Would you rather Receive chocolates or Receive flowers
5. Would you rather Accidentally forget your own name in front of your crush or Accidentally forget your crush's name in front on them
6. Would you rather Have a candlelit homemade dinner or Go for a fancy five-course meal at a high-end restaurant
7. Would you rather Do a TikTok challenge together or Wear a matching Valentine’s Day outfit
8. Would you rather Wait an hour to be seated at a fancy restaurant or Go for fast food just to get your food quickly
9. Would you rather Get a handwritten poem or Get a funny Hallmark card
10. Would you rather Forget to give a gift or Forget to be given a gift

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