1. How much does the average turkey weigh? 15 pounds
  2. Which year was American Thanksgiving celebrated on different dates? 1939
  3. In the US, what is the next famous event after Thanksgiving? Black Friday
  4. How long did the Native Hawaiians celebrate Thanksgiving? 4 months
  5. Translate "Accion De Gracia." Happy Thanksgiving
  6. What were the names of turkeys which were pardoned by George W. Bush? May and Flower
  7. What is the original purpose of Thanksgiving Day? Give thanks for the harvest
  8. Horn of which animal was used to be filled with fruit and grain? Goat
  9. Which song was initially sung on Thanksgiving Day? Jingle Bells
  10. Where is the turkey considered to be a sacrificial bird? Mexico
  11. What was the name of the first Plymouth governor? John Carter
  12. Who is considered to be the "Mother of Thanksgiving"? Sarah Hale
  13. What do the pumpkins cure according to the old wives tale? Freckles
  14. Where did the first celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States officially take place? Plymouth
  15. When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated in the US? Last Thursday of November
  16. What was the major problem for the Pilgrims during their voyage? Sea sickness
  17. What is the symbol of nourishment? Cornucopia
  18. Which year was Thanksgiving Day celebrated for the first time in the US? 1621
  19. Where are two Thanksgivings celebrated? Virgin Islands
  20. How many women celebrated the first Thanksgiving in the US? 5
  21. What does pilgrim mean? A traveler on a journey to a holy place
  22. What was the first balloon used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Felix the Cat
  23. Which American president made Thanksgiving Day a national holiday? Abraham Lincoln
  24. What was the original name of the parade during Thanksgiving Day? The Macy's Christmas Parade
  25. Where does the pardoned turkey spend the rest of its life? Historical farm
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26. In the US, which sport is associated with Thanksgiving Day? Football

27. How many days did the Pilgrims spend in the ocean? 66

28. What is the name of the American tribe which hosted the Pilgrims? The Wampanoag

29. In the US, during whose presidency was Thanksgiving canceled? Thomas Jefferson

30. What is cornucopia filled with? Fruits and wheat

31. What sport did the Pilgrims play during the first Thanksgiving? Shooting

32. Which has more protein? Turkey, Chicken, or Pig

33. What is the best place in the turkey to put the thermometer? Thigh

34. Why was the Macy's parade canceled during World War II? Helium and rubber shortages

35. Who changed the celebration day of Thanksgiving in the US? Franklin Roosevelt

36. Which food wasn't on the table during the first celebration of American Thanksgiving? Potatoes

37. How long was the duration of the first Thanksgiving Day in the US? 3 days

38. In the US, who was the initiator of the first Thanksgiving Day? Pilgrims

39. What is done to the cranberries to check if they are ready to be harvested? They are bounced

40. Which American state is considered to raise the most amount of turkeys? Minnesota

41. Which American president wanted to make the turkey a national bird? Ben Franklin

42. What is the number of places or townships in the US with a name inspired by a turkey? 15

43. Which of the following were not used by the Pilgrims to eat? Spoons, Fingers, Forks

44. How did the Pilgrims call their land? New World

45. What is the number of places and townships in the US which are named Cranberry? 7

46. Where is "Unthanksgiving Day" celebrated? Alcatraz

47. What is the name of the poem which made Thanksgiving an annual holiday in the US? Mary Had a Little Lamb

48. What is the name of the harvest goddess? Demeter

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