1. When did the Red Ribbon Project start? 1991
  2. Which city holds the record for the largest Pride parade? Sao Paulo
  3. Who was the first openly gay man to be elected into office in California? Harvey Milk
  4. During which month is Pride usually celebrated? June
  5. What year were the Stonewall Riots? 1969
  6. Which televised program first featured an openly gay character? Soap
  7. In what year was "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" first aired? 2003
  8. In 1998, rock singer Rob Halford came out as a gay man to MTV. What band was Rob in? Judas Priest
  9. Which queen was the first-ever winner of RuPaul's Drag Race? BeBe Zahara Benet
  10. In what city did the Stonewall Riots break out? New York City
  11. Which US sitcom portrayed the first lesbian marriage? Friends
  12. Which was the first LGBT-themed movie to win Best Picture at the Oscars? Moonlight
  13. In the rainbow pride flag, red symbolizes what? Life
  14. In the rainbow pride flag, orange symbolizes what? Healing
  15. In the rainbow pride flag, yellow symbolizes what? Sunlight
  16. In the rainbow pride flag, green symbolizes what? Nature
  17. In the rainbow pride flag, blue symbolizes what? Serenity
  18. In the rainbow pride flag, purple symbolizes what? Spirit
  19. Who is referred to as the "Mother of Pride"? Brenda Howard
Photo by Ian Taylor / Unsplash

20. Who designed the Pride flag? Gilbert Baker

21. Swe Zin Htet was the first openly lesbian contestant to compete in Miss Universe. True

22. The original Pride flag included two additional colours (8 total). True

23. What year did the first Pride parade take place? 1970

24. The play "The Laramie Project" was based in what state? Wyoming

25. In what month does "National Coming Out Day" take place? October

26. Which country was the first to lawfully establish same-sex marriage? The Netherlands

27. Billy Porter was awarded Best Actor at the Emmys for his work on which show? Pose

28. What AIDS awareness group was formed in 1987 in New York City? ACT UP

29. Who was the first openly lesbian actress to play an openly lesbian character on TV? Ellen DeGeneres

30. Which of these colours is not on the Bisexual Pride Flag? Red, pink, purple, blue

31. What does the "P" stand for in Marsha P. Johnson’s name? Pay it no mind

32. The word "lesbian" is derived from what? The Greek island of Lesbos

33. Which of these playwrights was famously imprisoned for homosexuality? Oscar Wilde

34. What does GLF stand for? Gay Liberation Front

35. Which street is located at the centre of the gay village in Manchester? Canal Street

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