1. Which Shakespearean character is Wednesday and Enid's dorm named after? Ophelia Hall
  2. Which flower is offered to Wednesday when she arrives at Nevermore? Black Dahlia
  3. Who did Wednesday end up going to the dance with? Tyler
  4. Who founded Nevermore Academy? Nathaniel Faulkner
  5. Who said it: “Emotion isn’t exactly your strong suit.” Tyler

6. Who DJs the Rave'N? MC Blood Suckaz

7. How many (living) Nightshade Society members are there in Nevermore?

8. Which famous performer did Principal Weems emulate in the school talent show as a kid? Judy Garland

9. What is the name of the coffee shop in the town of Jericho? Weathervane Cafe

10. What is the brand of the car driven by the Addams family? Cadillac

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